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20.02.2017 04:54

I Go Where You Go - Official Video (c) 2016 Tomato/Tomato. All rights reserved. From the album, "I Go Where You Go".

Filmed and edited by - Lisa & Lucy McLaggan with concert footage by Jordan Mattie Visuals www.jordanmattie.com

John McLaggan - vocals, guitar

Lisa McLaggan - vocals, washboard, kick drum, tambourine

Ray Legere - fiddle, mandolin, guitar

Dillon Robichaud - banjo

Andrew Sneddon - dobro

Remi Aresenault - bass

Filmed at - Uptown Saint John, NB, Grand Bay-Westfield, NB, Porchlight Studios, Grand Bay-Wesffield, NB, The Imperial Theatre, Saint John, NB.

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